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Atlanta History Museum Cyclorama

Atlanta, GA

AHC Cyclorama 02.jpg

In order to preserve one of America’s treasured pieces of art that was housed in Atlanta’s Grant Park, a new building was designed for the “Battle of Atlanta”. The oil painting is one of the world’s largest works of art at 47’ x 358’ and weighing nearly 9 tons. The design of a new museum to house the painting allowed for it to be viewed in its entirety; the first time since 1922.  Among this museum’s unique features is a 360-degree viewing platform that rises 12 feet above the gallery floor, offering guests the opportunity to view this 15,000 square foot painting as guests experienced it in the late 1800s. Another significant addition to the project was the introduction of The Texas, a coal-fired locomotive steam engine that was prominent in the story (The Great Train Chase) of the civil war. Transported from the Gran Park location as well, the design team conceived this aspect to be a strong visual element that is visible from the street. Planning the removal, transportation and ultimate re-installation of this piece of art to its new home spanned two years and a team of over 200 architects, contractors, historians, art conservators and countless specialists.

The Cyclorama
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Designed by Principal Larry Sweat while with previous firm.
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