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Beasley Park

Destin, Florida
Vernacular architecture respects the local climate
and site conditions while providing an enjoyable environment
for beachgoers.


This beachfront recreational facility provides handicapped accessible public restroom and picnic facilities for tourists and local citizens.  Located on the southern side of a barrier island overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, the facility is exposed to corrosive salt spray, torrential rain storms, intense solar exposure, and potential hurricane-force winds.  The design is based on the Florida cracker dog-trot concept, with a breezeway flanked by two bathroom pavilions.  The breezeway is both an axial spine leading to the Gulf beyond and a vehicle to help circulate air on hot summer days.  High ceilings with clerestory vents promote ventilation while wide overhanging eaves create shade and protect the building from sun and rain.  Durable materials such as cedar siding, stainless steel fasteners, and metal roofing further aid in combating the severe elements the structure faces.  Construction was complicated by the strict guidelines of the Florida Department of Natural Resources which protect the sensitive dune system. 


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