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Robert Johnson
Robert E. Johnson, RA


Bob joined DAG in 1999, bringing with him an enormous depth of expertise in the construction industry. Even while in high school he and his teachers recognized Bob’s penchant for drawing. So much so that in his junior year, his drafting teacher created a special course for Bob to help him expand his skills and knowledge of the drafting profession.

Because his father was in the ready-mix concrete business, Bob has been around construction his entire life. 

Like many, Bob knew DAG principal, Jack Baker, and in 1999 was convinced to join DAG to head up the growing firm’s construction documentation process. Bob believes that construction documents are like “telling a story”. They require a beginning and end, never being repetitive.


Bob’s greatest passion is problem-solving, something that often is required during the construction of any building. His easy manner, soft spoken spirit and penchant for exactness make Bob the perfect person to lead the firm’s construction documentation discipline.


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