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Brighten Park

Atlanta, Georgia

Brighten Park Fresh Market 6.jpg

The renovation of Brighten Park represents the quintessential design of current neighborhood centers.  It answers the demands of this upscale community with a unique mix of organic grocery, retail, dining, and services amidst quality modern design with an organic sensibility. The renovation of this 1986 center, not only extends the life but also rejuvenates an everyday neighborhood center into something special and unique to serve its community.  Brighten Park’s unique revitalized vision provides shoppers reason to come back time and time again, not only to shop and dine but to gather and celebrate with their neighbors.  


The center was designed with sophisticated exterior finishes, reflective of the high-end shopper, as well as architecture that reflects classic sensibilities with organic-modern details. The site design included patterned and textured shopping streets, as well as lush stylized landscaping that not only enhances the organic feel of the center but serves as protective barriers for shoppers.


Brighten Park El-Torero.jpg
Brighten Park Grub Burger Bar 1.jpg
Brighten Park Fresh Market_rev.jpg
Brighten Park Corepower Yoga 1.jpg
Brighten Park Zoes Kitchen 2.jpg
Brighten Park Fresh Market 2.jpg
Designed by Principal Larry Sweat while with previous firm.
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