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Since our founding in 1981, DAG has designed buildings that offer an experience unique to their individual culture, environment, and needs. We take pride in our ability to design for the users of a space and to enhance life through the built environment. Our deep connection to each other and our clients is what makes this possible. We are a group of professionals dedicated to design, service, friendship, and family. We take pride in our work and in the ways we work together. As architects and community advocates, we strive to elevate the public’s appreciation of architecture and foster the education of the next generation of architects.

Are you looking for a career that offers the opportunity to work on a variety of project types among a group of professionals who care about your growth, happiness, and fulfillment? 


DAG Architects is always looking for top talent to join its team.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email your resume and portfolio for consideration to

We look forward to speaking with you.

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