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Children's Healthcare 

Atlanta, Georgia


Food service for hospital guests and staff alike is paramount to promoting better physical and mental health. Conceptually utilizing water and nature as known elements for healing and well-being, the space now accentuates the concept. Like many hospitals designed over the past several decades, the dining facility was more of a cafeteria-style environment that prohibited the required movement of physicians, staff, and visitors alike. Our goal was to not only design a highly efficient restaurant and dining space but one that speaks to health and wellness characterized by CHOA. The renovation provided better traffic flow throughout the dining facility, with presentation cooking stations organized in a scrambled concept. 


Prior to the renovation, the dining facility was 13,600 square feet. The renovation and addition added 8,500 square feet and increased the total seat count from 350 to 600. The shell of the existing serving and seating area was completely renovated from floor to ceiling, creating a more health-centric and child-friendly environment.  The renovation and expansion also included a more efficient tray return and dishwashing system. Close attention was paid to the acoustics in the renovated area. Construction was completed in 3 phases during a 20-week period to maintain uninterrupted food service delivery.

Designed by Principal Larry Sweat while with previous firm.
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