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North Georgia Technical College - Stephens

Toccoa, Georgia
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The 42,000 s.f. multi-discipline building includes classrooms, computer labs, industrial labs, kitchen and meeting rooms supporting the secondary education programs of the College in the Stephens

County area. With a primary mission of workforce development, the building provides for

programs in culinary arts, industrial systems technology, accounting, bank finance, and emergency medical technology. A library resource center and an administration area are also



The compact satellite campus is organized on a rolling hillside around an indoor/outdoor

common area. This centrally located meeting space allows for a maximum interaction of

students and faculty. Exterior local vernacular architecture (i.e. local farm buildings) is

reinterpreted into a modern campus setting. Parking is located on-grade so as to be screened

from daily use. Local stone is used as accents. Exposed metal trusses and wood ceilings

define key spaces, providing a comfortable and uninstitutional setting.




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Designed by Principal Larry Sweat while with previous firm.
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