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Emory St. Joseph's Doctors Building 

Atlanta, Georgia

Emory St Joes Prior To Renovation.jpg

This renovation of the Emory/St. Joseph’s Doctors Building includes both exterior enhancements and an interior revitalization, including the revitalization of the atrium space aimed to create a more vibrant environment. The building renovation was designed to be reflective of the high-quality health care for which the physicians are recognized.  The design mission was to visually enhance and to activate this medical office environment, as well as provide forward-thinking solutions to create spaces that promote well-being and comfort for patients, their families, and staff. The atrium has been redesigned with biomimicry concepts and nature-inspired solutions to create a space of healing, comfort, and refuge.  The space offers not only places to gather, but intimate spaces offering a place of respite. The first-floor space allowed the addition of several highly visible including a credit union, fitness center, and other retail spaces. To further activate the common area space, kiosks were designed to allow for a change of product or service.

Designed by Principal Larry Sweat while with previous firm.
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