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Epic Games

Cary, North Carolina 

Epic Games 03 Cary North Carolina.jpg

Epic Games, known for developing cutting-edge video games and cross-platform game engine technology, wanted an innovative, non-traditional workplace to be reflective of their dynamic company.  This phased corporate campus included the design of a new three-story, 60,000 square foot Class A Office Building, an 8,000 square foot connector building, and a 3,600 square foot Motion Capture building. 


The project included the renovation and interior fit-up of the existing 30,000 square foot Class A Office Building. The goal of this project was to create a unique space that was custom-fit to the company’s organizational structure and culture while being sensitive to collaboration, visual privacy, and noise control. Connectivity was achieved with an interior main street connecting offices, fish-bowl gathering spaces, impromptu meeting areas, and ancillary spaces.


The building’s interior design details were developed to create a dynamic, yet functional office building.  Upon entering the lobby one is greeted by a 15’ Epic Gaming character along with a two-story “departure slide” which was added to the lobby for whimsy. The terrace level includes a fitness and aerobics room, shower and restroom facilities, lockers, and laundry rooms. The multi-use space contains a two-story audio-visual wall, an employee lounge, and a rock-climbing wall. The high-bay motion capture building was developed for the special computer production of animated video games.

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Designed by Principal Larry Sweat while with previous firm.
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