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Florida A&M University Entomology Lab

Tallahassee, Florida

FAMU Entomology 1.jpg

The new Entomology Building will provide a much-needed facility for the growth and advancement of the University’s mission by focusing the collective efforts of scientists, students, and agricultural industry leaders to sustain a responsive, collaborative, and creative learning environment. The 70,000 SF building makes use of a four-level atrium as the principal architectural ordering device. Light-filled, the atrium serves to both organize and separate the various elements of the program. Placing the high-energy laboratories on the south side and the classrooms, offices, and conference areas on the north side, all on display from within the atrium, fosters a dynamic, open, and collaborative scientific environment. The atrium will also function as the social heart of the facility with its common areas for socialization and impromptu encounters when moving from labs and offices onto the bridges and corridors. In addition to serving as a common social space for the researchers, the atrium will accommodate a variety of activities, including exhibitions, banquets, group and private study, as well as a vibrant place for all members of the University’s family to come together as a community.

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