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Florida A&M University Gore Education Center

Tallahassee, Florida

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The university wanted to update the three-building complex to provide state-of-the-art teaching facilities for the College of Education, Psychology Department and General Studies Department. Built in 1968 and renovated in 1988, the complex had life safety, accessibility and security deficiencies and outdated mechanical and electrical systems; it needed extensive modifications to the building envelope.


Beginning with an in-depth programming study of the needs of the affected departments, the renovation reorganized the circulation patterns within the three buildings to provide more intuitive wayfinding and to allow for light to come into the formerly dark public corridors. Classrooms, labs, conference rooms, offices and meeting halls were completely renovated. Restrooms were remodeled and expanded. Videoconferencing rooms, computer labs, smart classrooms and other highly collaborative and computer-rich spaces were provided throughout the complex. Code deficiencies were corrected, while the roofs, plumbing, air conditioning and electrical systems were replaced.

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