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Griffin Middle School IT and Administration Addition and Renovations

Tallahassee, Florida

Phased renovations, remodeling and additions to this middle school enhance its new identity as a magnet school for technology.


The Leon County School District wanted to transform Griffin Middle School, through a series of phased improvements, into a key technology-oriented magnet school.  Several dated structures were demolished, and a new 28,600 SF building was recently completed that provides a new entrance and identity for  this neighborhood school.  A new public plaza and amphitheater for outdoor events and demonstrations, an expanded outdoor dining area and facilities to unify the school administrative functions are also part of the project. 


The building utilizes many sustainable design features including building orientation, sun shading devices, Low E glass, optimized window locations, efficient light fixtures, occupancy sensors, building controls, and reflective roofing material.  The new classrooms and labs provide state of the art technology including smart boards and computer labs which will continue to strengthen the focus on technology for this school’s magnet program.  The media center was remodeled and air conditioning upgraded in two existing structures on the campus as well.


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