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Gulf Coast State College Language Arts Building

Panama City, Florida

An old campus building was completely remodeled to accommodate new technology and teaching methods.


The existing Language Arts Building was dark, poorly organized, and no longer related well to other buildings on the campus.  After extensive programming meetings with the faculty and staff, DAG developed a plan highlighted by a central circulation axis which allowed light to be brought into two new lobby areas at each end.  


All interior structures and systems were demolished down to the building’s slab, in order to completely renovate and remodel the classrooms, staff offices, and auditorium.

Bathrooms were made ADA-compliant and were centrally located.  New mechanical, electrical, data communication, security and fire alarm systems were installed.  The existing auditorium was modernized and its access changed to allow the balance of the building to be secured during after-hours meetings by community groups. Faculty and staff offices were provided with windows where they had none before.  


On the exterior, a new tower defines the entry and terminates the view from the north end of the campus, and its curved roof is evocative of an open book to reflect the interests of the building’s occupants.   John Holdnak, who represented the client throughout the process, said: “the building not only exceptionally beautiful but also extremely functional.”



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