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Jim Tatum
Jim Tatum, CGC, LEED AP
Associate Principal

Jim joined DAG in 2016 to become a construction administrator. A graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Building Construction, Jim spent over thirty years in the construction field. As a Certified General Contractor (CGC) his depth of construction experience affords him the unmatched opportunity to freely engage with contractors in the field because he can easily speak their language. Jim works with a number of DAG design teams to provide counsel with respect to a design vision or idea and how it actually can be implemented at construction.

Jim is often called upon to provide additional input into complicated issues that might arise on the jobsite. His willingness to jump in at a moment’s notice has gained him respect across the firm for someone who not only understands the designer’s vision, but the realities faced by the tradesmen onsite.

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