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Ken Greene_architect
Ken Greene

As a child, Ken was always curious about how things went together and why they worked the way they did. It seemed fitting that Ken would eventually have a future in engineering, but the creative aspects of design and how people can engage it led him to architecture. 


As one of DAG's lead design advocates, Ken thoroughly enjoys all aspects of design whether its architecture, landscapes, graphics, or fashion. He is a lifelong student of design and enjoys researching design to gain perspective about the past, present, and future of the industry. This same interest in and respect for design drives the way he engages others in the design process and challenges himself and his colleagues to make a difference with design.

Ken sees architectural design as more than just designing buildings but creating places. With each project, he practices empathy by taking future inhabitants' perspective to understand how the spaces will be used now, and in the future. The human experience of the spaces we design today will be around long after we are gone, and with that in mind, Ken is inclined towards smart designs that not only meet current needs but transcend the future. 


Ken feels a duty as a designer to be a curator of the human experience through the medium of architecture, and we as designers have a responsibility to humanity to do a good job.

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