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Theophalis May Neighborhood Resource Center

Pensacola, Florida
“This center is an investment in our neighborhoods
and our community.” 

Ashton Hayward, Mayor, City of Pensacola


As part of a new model to meet neighborhood needs, the Theophalis May Neighborhood Resource Center was planned to be a catalyst for improvements in Pensacola’s West Side neighborhood, combining traditional recreation facilities with other needed services. Developed to cut costs associated with building two different facilities, this center provides an indoor gymnasium / auditorium, two classrooms, expanded computer and internet access, and kitchen facilities.  A neighborhood branch library is also be located here, replacing the current West Side Library branch.


For almost 100 years, this site, formerly known as Legion Field, has been a center for recreation in the city.  During its rich history, the field hosted a spring training game between the Pensacola Fliers and the New York Yankees, with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig playing.  The New York Dodgers played here, as well as the Negro League Baseball Players Association.  Incorporating vestiges of that historical tradition in the new center was an important part of the design process.


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