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Lincoln High School Renovations and Additions

Tallahassee, Florida
Lincoln High School_Florida_architecture_renovation_K12 addition
This high school was transformed through 11 manageable—
and affordable—phases.


Over a period of four years, DAG led a series of renovation, remodeling, and new construction projects at Lincoln High School, encompassing 250,000 SF of interior space, site redesign, and additions.  An ambitious project that could have been overwhelming was broken down into 11 distinct phases, causing minimum disruption to ongoing school operations and helping the school district to better manage costs.  Beginning with a master plan that outlined work to be accomplished, the project started with major HVAC improvements to replace outdated and inadequate systems.  The Chiller Plant was located directly in front of the school, where it was an eyesore and hindered efficient traffic circulation.  Relocating the Chiller Plant allowed the creation of a new entry plaza and safer drop-off area, with a collegiate-style plaza and gathering space.  Other projects completed were renovations to administrative areas, the band and music suite, computer labs, the “Trojan Tots” daycare area, locker rooms, gymnasium, and media center, improvements to an outdoor dining area, the bus ramp, and covered walkways.  A new 15,000 SF cafeteria building was added, with an integral culinary arts classroom suite and teaching kitchen.



Lincoln High School_Florida_interior_renovation
Lincoln High School_Florida_interior_renovation_architecture
Lincoln High School_Florida_architecture_renovation_addition
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