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O'Sullivan Creel

Fort Walton Beach, Florida


During early design phases, the client expressed an interest in analyzing ways in which their new building could become more energy efficient.   As a leading CPA firm, they first explored the costs and benefits of applying for formal LEED certification, ultimately deciding that the process was not cost-justified.   Next, they decided to explore whether they could qualify for energy efficiency tax credits under several tax codes.  Working closely with the mechanical and electrical engineering consultants, DAG ran a variety of energy analysis simulations using several different computer programs.  Multiple building envelope, lighting, and HVAC scenarios were explored.  A report was produced that outlined the estimated savings per year, the first cost difference, and simple payback in years.


The office building features a brick and stucco exterior and a barrel-vault roof and is slightly more contemporary in design than one DAG designed earlier for the Destin branch of the same firm.  The first floor is leased to a tenant, with the owner occupying the top two levels.  Preserving the existing trees on the site was a priority throughout the construction.

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