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PenAir Credit Union, Airport Road Branch

Pensacola, Florida

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PenAir Credit Union had been strategically placing facilities in locations with high visibility to raise community awareness of the brand. In an effort to consolidate functions and position a branch credit union in a desirable location, they purchased an existing building on Airport Road in a highly trafficked area.


The abandoned 19,000-square-foot, three-story building was formerly a bank with numerous water intrusion issues. To properly correct these and communicate the new brand, selective demolition gutted the building down to just the structure. New curtain wall and storefront facade, roof, HVAC system, restroom upgrades, offices, and finishes updated the outdated building. The interior design is comfortable and modern, breaking the traditional bank mold. This was accomplished by removing the glass partitions that separate customers and their bank representatives and introducing hospitality-inspired lounge configurations and furnishings.

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