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PenAir Federal Credit Union Corporate Office

Pensacola, Florida

Pen Air Corporate - 01_small_edit.jpg

The new PenAir Federal Credit Union Corporate Headquarters redefines and modernizes the workplace experience for staff and aligns building design with their progressive workplace culture. Located on the edge of a residential zone, the design minimizes its impact with the creation of a residential “Front Yard,” with the siting of the narrow end of the building facing toward the street. A vibrant, green oasis is filled with Heritage Live Oak trees, including a 500-year-old live oak behemoth.


The interior design and layout allow all building occupants to have access to natural light and views of the site. At the core of the building, a cross-axis circulation pattern appropriately named “Main Street” is designed to create informal interactions among employees. Shared break room “Commons” imbibe a residential character with a variety of seating from café tables to living room furniture to private booths. A variety of space sizes and types allow choice in how one wants to work, from group collaboration to head-down, focused work.

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