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25 Central Square

Seaside, Florida

Located in the beachfront town of Seaside, this mixed-use building combines retail space, offices, and residential units. The building faces the town square and is connected to the adjacent buildings by a continuous arcade, mandated by Duany Plater-Zyberk's master plan guidelines for the town. The building aspires to a strong civic expression and to a memorable and appropriate character, specifically suited to Seaside and its traditional urbanity.


Climatological factors, influential to the evolution of regional architectural vernacular, characterize the project: generous roof overhangs, shutters and shading devices, tall ceilings with fans, and screened porches. The public facade is the primary elevation of the building which overlooks the town square, with a scale and character commensurate with the important space it addresses. To articulate both the civic and domestic nature of the program, the facade is treated as a large, almost monumental, screen in front of a series of domestic units, marked by box windows and individually pitched roofs. A residential patio located at the center of the building is the means of accessing all the residential units. The brilliant colors and bold tile patterns of the patio are used to create an unexpectedly vivid, memorable space.

Associated design architect:  Machado Silvetti

Design Awards

Northwest Florida Chapter AIA, Unbuilt Design Award, 1997


Design Award


AIA Florida Northwest

Merit Award of Excellence for Renovations, 2014

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