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SouthWood Community Center

Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee’s SouthWood community is a large, planned development, and this building serves as a centerpiece for activities for both residential and commercial users.  After the design team met with the Director of Recreation Services, St. Joe’s Leisure Planning Director, and several user groups, the spaces were deliberately designed to be very flexible, in order to meet a long list of desired community uses.  The interior meeting space has a large storage area, and can be converted to a classroom for computer training, a children’s ballet studio, or a martial arts area, in addition to providing a venue for community meetings and lectures.  Built-in sinks make the space useable for craft classes and a catering kitchen is available for special events, all of which help ensure that the space will serve all age groups in the community from children to seniors.  The 3,000 SF center also includes offices, a pool, restrooms, and covered decks. 


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