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Viridian Sunrise House

Seagrove Beach, Florida

This Gulf-front “Sunrise” home was designed as an integral part of a planned private residence club enclave. This enclave would include a second “Sunset” residence mirroring this first home, ten 3-bedroom villas, and a 20-room boutique hotel.  The club’s first amenity,  the “V” gourmet restaurant, is already in place across the street from this house.


The house is rented and operated as a hotel, catering to families for short-term stays of a week or less.   This affected many aspects of the design: smaller closets and less storage than normal, spa-type bathrooms, and gathering spaces of various sizes for larger groups along with more intimate settings.  Because the house sits on top of a 25-foot dune, the floor plan maximizes the spectacular Gulf views from every space except the garage. 


Merit Award for New Work

AIA Florida Northwest, 2012

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