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Beulah Middle School

Pensacola, Florida

Beulah Middle School - 0001.jpg

Beulah Middle School is a place for students to learn in a modern environment. It's also a place that brings the school and community together serving approximately 1,200 students with core curriculum courses and a wide range of vocational academies.   


The public area of the school was designed to reinforce the sense of connection with the community, with a welcoming front presence and parking within easy distance of the track and field and gym, which can be used by everyone.  The private area of the school has no street frontage and provides a secure environment where students can walk freely from each wing of the school.  

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Honorable Mention, Healthy and Safe Facilities Award

Healthy Facilities Institute, 2018


First Place Award, Middle School Category 

Florida Educational Facilities Planning Association, 2017

Merit Award of Excellence for Unbuilt

AIA Florida Northwest, 2016

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