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Employee Impact Awards

Our ability as a firm to be sustainable and have a long-lasting impact on our clients and their projects is vital to our success. As such, we celebrate the ingredients that guide all of us in the firm. We call them “The Five Pillars” which are Design, Innovation, Family, Diversity, and Legacy. Each year we look across the firm to select team members who exemplify one of these ingredients. Join us in congratulating each of these individuals for the contributions they are making.

Jesse Kirkland, AIA


Jesse’s attention to detail is only exceeded by his drive for quality design. He has worked on multiple award-winning projects such as the Penn Air headquarters.  His ability to gain the client’s confidence and fulfill their vision by design is the cornerstone of Jesse’s talents.

Don Cox.jpg
Don Cox, AIA



Don has received this award multiple times since its inception.  Don’s strong, rigorous design process brings out the best and most creative ideas from his colleagues and clients. He provides true design leadership on every project he is involved with. The proof is in the multiple AIA awards he has led for the firm.

award with headshot JEHNA.jpg
Jehna Winger, AIA



Jehna is a trusted advisor to the client and is often at the table long before it’s time to begin design. She was instrumental in the firm adopting an innovative test fit software to provide the client with critical data used during the site selection phase. From beginning to the end of a project Jehna’s "knock your socks off" service attitude to the client is her drive for innovation.

Derek Salter.jpg
Derek Salter, RA



Derek makes the process of creating quality docs even better. He has long been recognized as the champion of the highest degree of quality possible. Derek’s technical knowledge and his application of that knowledge and info in working drawings is tantamount to the success of any project. Through his example, others across the firm strive to set similarly high standards and he is always willing to help them achieve their goal.

Levi Wiegand.jpg
Levi Wiegand, AIA



Levi truly cares about others and their success and well-being. Through his leadership in the designer lunch club, he brings people in the firm together. Levi is a natural teacher as evidenced by his mentoring high school students and interns who come into the firm to work. Because he taught while in grad school, Levi has developed a unique empathy with those he encounters and as such is a great mentor.

Carl Steuer.jpg
Carl Steuer, AIA

Carl has a unique background and is a true generalist. He is admired for his ability to move among varying project types, always keeping his focus on the client and the end game. His results speak for themselves because he seems to always have satisfied clients and team members. Carl is routinely complimented by clients and is undoubtedly one of the most diversified members in the firm.

Chuck Helmer.jpg
Chuck Helmer, RA


Chuck exemplifies a thoughtful approach to design. Working on a variety of project types at the same time, he is able to quickly move from project to project and client while maintaining a calm and measured workstyle. Chuck also has diverse talents that allow him to work on a variety of project types. Yet, he seems to never lose focus on the project at hand.

Ken Greene.jpg
Ken Greene


Ken has been at DAG for 15 years. Anyone who knows or has worked with Ken would say that he cares immensely about design. He has been instrumental in the concept and design approach for winning new projects and winning Design awards. His allegiance to good design results in those around him seeking to elevate their game as well. Ken always strives to make us better in how we present ourselves as a DESIGN firm.

Michelle Riegner.jpg
Michelle Riegner, AIA


Michelle has led the charge for better production and technology integration within the firm. Her influence and contributions are long-lasting. Without a doubt, Michelle is constantly striving to elevate the firm with our clients, community, and profession. This year, she will serve as the president of the AIA NW FL chapter. Her commitment to her profession and those with whom she comes in contact always results in a positive outcome.

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