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Jack Baker
Jack D. Baker, AIA, FCP


From an early age, Jack was fascinated by the thought of the endless opportunities that a blank sheet of paper and a pen presented. Encouraged to explore and expand his creative abilities, Jack became proficient in a number of artistic mediums. At age 16, during summer vacation, he worked on a construction site and it was then he was drawn to the idea that a set of design drawings resulted in a finished building.


After a very successful career with a Pensacola design-build firm, Jack joined DAG in 1999. His intimate knowledge of not only architecture but building construction as well, would prove to play a significant part in the firm’s growth during the second half of its formative years.

Because of his passion for design in the educational arena, Jack spends much of his time there. His attraction to designing spaces and places for students of all ages to come together to learn is grounded in the view that it is education where we are truly inspired to bring forth new ideas, explore our imagination and gain knowledge while doing so. Jack’s leadership in the firm centers around the general philosophy that designers must stay ahead of the curve and the emerging trends in order to successfully pioneer the revolution taking place in how students are taught. From learning delivery methods to technology advances to sustainability practices, and much more, he encourages designers to immerse themselves in the pedagogy that is education.


Jack will definitely share with you that as a child he was a student of art and later a student of design. Today he sees himself as a teacher, sharing ideas with young designers and giving them the opportunity to expand beyond their wildest dreams. Each day Jack seeks ways to be inspired and is energized by DAG team members and clients alike.


Jack is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Florida Educational Facilities Planning Association (FEFPA) and is a Founding Member of the Destin History and Fishing Museum.


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